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last changeWed, 30 Jul 2014 17:29:41 +0000 (10:29 -0700)
2 days ago Karl SchimpfSpeed up construction of global initialzers in the... master
3 days ago David BrazdilAdd SandboxMemoryAccesses MinSFI LLVM pass
11 days ago JF BastienPNaCl atomics: clean up some of the code
2014-07-18 Karl SchimpfFix pnacl-bcdis abbreviation records.
2014-07-15 JF BastienImprove atomic tests
2014-07-14 Karl SchimpfRefactor code so that intrinsics checks can be used...
2014-07-11 JF BastienTranslator: rematerialize constant vector loads
2014-07-09 JF BastienReduce redundancy created by PNaCl's vector globalizati...
2014-07-02 Karl SchimpfTurn off type signature checking in pnacl-bcdis.
2014-07-02 JF BastienGlobalizeConstantVectors: set Unnamed addr
2014-07-02 JF BastienPNaClABIErrorReporter: remove last virtual
2014-07-01 JF BastienPNaCl SIMD: don't perform constant propagation in expan...
2014-06-30 Karl SchimpfAdd skip block method to NaCl bitcode parser.
2014-06-30 Derek SchuffFix comments about PIC return address calculation
2014-06-27 Derek SchuffMake x86-64 sandbox-base-hiding call sequence work...
2014-06-27 Mark SeabornFix Ninja/CMake build, broken by earlier change
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