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last changeTue, 22 Apr 2014 20:25:36 +0000 (13:25 -0700)
12 hours ago JF BastienPNaCl vectors: disallow zeroinitializer, globalize... master
38 hours ago JF Bastienpnacl-abicheck: initialize function pass before running it
38 hours ago Jan VoungRevert localmod for re-ordering -lLTO on link line...
40 hours ago Jan VoungRevert localmod workaround for dangling debug info...
6 days ago JF BastienPNaCl: Add support for GCC/LLVM vector extensions
6 days ago Karl SchimpfClean up handling of the previous token in NaCl Objdump.
7 days ago Karl SchimpfAdd a text formatter to NaClObjDumpStream to handle...
8 days ago Jan VoungRemove LLVM's StreamInit/StreamInitWithOverrides. No...
2014-04-02 JF BastienPNaCl bitcode reader: restrict some record sizes
2014-04-01 Jan VoungFlattenGlobals: Only check size and alignment for non...
2014-03-28 Mark SeabornPNaCl: Remove all whitespace-only localmods
2014-03-27 Karl SchimpfFix two trivial bugs in pnacl tools.
2014-03-27 Karl SchimpfAdd ability to print abbreviation usage in pnacl-bccomp...
2014-03-27 Karl SchimpfCreate notion of objdump stream for PNaCl bitcode files.
2014-03-27 JF BastienPNaCl bitcode writer: improve error message.
2014-03-26 Jan VoungAdd PNaCl intrinsic declarations up front, before the...
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