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last changeTue, 16 Dec 2014 01:10:00 +0000 (17:10 -0800)
47 hours ago Jan VoungUpdate ReplacePtrsWithInts to also fix up refs from... master
2 days ago Jan VoungCherry-pick: Use 32-bit ebp for NaCl64 in a limited...
4 days ago Petar JovanovicCherrypick upstream r220447: Fix Mips nacl-mask test
4 days ago Petar JovanovicApply missing parts from upstream r218744
5 days ago Derek SchuffDefault to an armv7 cpu when march=arm
5 days ago Jan VoungRemove GR32_TC_64 previously used by NaCl. Also put...
6 days ago JF BastienEmit LAHF/SAHF instead of PUSHF/POPF
6 days ago JF BastienCherrypick upstream patch: ScheduleDAG: record PhysReg...
6 days ago JF BastienRemove PNaCl's x86-32 hack for 16-bit atomics
6 days ago JF BastienEmit LOCK prefix after DATA16
7 days ago Jan VoungCherrypick 217435 and 217942 which conflict with NACL_C...
7 days ago Derek SchuffModify X86NaClRewritePass ApplyMemorySFI to handle...
7 days ago Karl SchimpfFix more error handling code wrt to handling the input...
8 days ago Karl SchimpfFix PNaCl bitcode when function call argument is has...
8 days ago Jan VoungRemove localmod for disabling libcall simplifications...
8 days ago JF BastienEmit callq instead of call on x86-64
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