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last changeSat, 31 Jan 2015 00:53:26 +0000 (16:53 -0800)
36 hours ago JF BastienExpand large integer: handle unsigned gt/ge/lt/le compa... master
3 days ago JF BastienExpand large integer: small refactoring of operations
4 days ago JF BastienFix Windows build warning
4 days ago JF BastienFix Windows build warning
5 days ago JF BastienFix Windows build warning
9 days ago Derek SchuffRemove unused LOCALMOD to disable libxml
9 days ago JF BastienFix more build warnings
9 days ago Karl SchimpfAllow temporary overrides of error stream in NaClBitcod...
10 days ago JF BastienRemove unused variable warning
10 days ago Karl SchimpfAllow pnacl-abicheck to autodetect file format.
10 days ago Karl SchimpfSimplify implementation of LLVM bitcode abbreviations.
10 days ago Karl SchimpfFix reading switch on pointer type for PNaCl Bitcode.
11 days ago JF BastienEmit atomic memory order other than seq_cst on demand...
11 days ago Karl SchimpfFix initialization of the NaClBitstreamCursor.
11 days ago Karl SchimpfReport all legal alignments when wrong on load/stores...
11 days ago Jan VoungDelete operator= and copy ctor from NaClBitstreamCursor.
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