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last changeThu, 24 Jul 2014 00:19:07 +0000 (00:19 +0000)
3 hours ago bradnelson... Passing --config-name to for all arches. master
6 hours ago teravest@chromium.orgAdd embedder interface for fatal log messages.
7 hours ago chrome-admin... Update .DEPS.git
7 hours ago noelallen@google.comUpdates GN dep, and cleans up some toolchain prep defin...
7 hours ago bradnelson... Make rebuild when script itself has changed.
7 hours ago bradnelson... Make the trybots fail early if 'git cl try' is mistaken...
8 hours ago binji@chromium.orgRevert "Non-SFI mode: SCONS_NONSFI_TC clean up."
21 hours ago hidehiko@chromium.orgNon-SFI Mode: Refactoring. Provide non-SFI version...
21 hours ago hidehiko@chromium.orgNon-SFI mode: SCONS_NONSFI_TC clean up.
2 days ago sbc@chromium.orgUse custom exception class for errors in package_version.
2 days ago dyen@chromium.orgAdded initial pass of nacl_irt_code_data_alloc.
2 days ago noelallen@google.comCleanup bionic build script.
2 days ago ncbray@chromium.orgFix untrusted.gypi and
2 days ago dschuff@chromium.orgUpdate revision for PNaCl r13466->r13509
5 days ago dschuff@chromium.orgDisable flaky sandboxed translator tests on mac
5 days ago jvoung@google.comAdd a flag to pnacl-finalize that allows users to keep...
3 hours ago master