2014-09-29 dschuff@chromium.orgAdd SVN ignore for third_party/android_tools and third_... master
2014-04-25 mcgrathr@chromium.orgRemove unused old GMP and EXPAT versions
2014-04-23 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport new GMP, ISL, and Expat libraries
2014-04-01 bradnelson... Adding msvs2013 support to scons.
2014-02-13 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport isl-0.12.2 release tarball
2014-01-23 dschuff@chromium.orgMove dlfcn-win32 from deps/third_party to src/third_party
2014-01-17 mcgrathr@chromium.orgthird_party cleanup
2014-01-17 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport expat-2.0.1 tarball
2014-01-15 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport mpc-1.0.2.tar.gz to third_party
2013-11-20 mcgrathr@chromium.orgRemove old cloog, isl, and gmp tarballs
2013-10-22 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport new GMP, ISL, and CLooG versions
2013-10-18 eliben@chromium.orgMove a third_party directory into a better place
2013-10-07 sehr@google.comRemove stale copies of valgrind binaries in the attempt...
2013-05-31 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport ISL 0.11.2
2013-05-31 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport GMP 5.1.2
2013-05-09 jfb@chromium.orgAdd bloat and webtreemap.
2013-03-27 mcgrathr@chromium.orgRemove old versions of GCC prerequisites
2013-03-19 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport latest cloog and isl libraries
2013-03-18 mcgrathr@chromium.orgImport new versions of gmp, mpfr, and mpc
2012-10-12 mcgrathr@chromium.orgRemove old gmp and mpfr versions not in use, add new...
2012-07-31 bradnelson... Dropping mozrunner, no longer needed for python compati...
2012-07-30 robertm@google.comAdd Mips qemu patch
2012-07-27 bradnelson... Dropping simplejson from third_party.
2012-07-27 bradnelson... Moving mozrunner and simplejson to a toplevel location.
2012-06-22 bradnelson... Adding svn ignore for DEPSed in stuff to aid in
2012-06-22 khim@google.comSpeedup the validator-x86_64.c compilation by 15%
2012-06-19 robertm@google.comRemove the second half of libelf which is no longer...
2012-03-12 robertm@google.comPull in tarball of latest qemu version. git-svn
2012-03-05 pdox@google.comCopy elfutils tarball and portability patch to third_party.
2011-11-10 robertm@google.comPull in tarball of latest qemu version.
2011-11-02 eugenis@google.comUpdate Memcheck and ThreadSanitizer binaries to r3685.
2011-11-01 mcgrathr@chromium.orgRevert 7013 - Update Memcheck and ThreadSanitizer binar...
2011-11-01 mcgrathr@chromium.orgRemove unused src/third_party subdirectories NSIS,...
2011-10-27 mcgrathr@chromium.orgRemove unused third_party subdirectories
2011-10-24 eugenis@google.comUpdate Memcheck and ThreadSanitizer binaries to r3659.
2011-08-22 halyavin@google.comAdd simplejson which is needed for parsing and generati...
2011-06-16 eugenis@google.comUpdate Memcheck and ThreadSanitizer binaries to r3513.
2011-05-30 eugenis@google.comUpdate Memcheck and ThreadSanitizer binaries to r3486.
2011-05-25 eugenis@google.comUpdate Valgrind and ThreadSanitizer binaries to r3471.
2011-05-19 eugenis@google.comUpdate TSan and Memcheck binaries to r3460.
2011-05-13 eugenis@google.comUpdate TSan and Memcheck binaries to r3440.
2011-05-13 eugenis@google.comUpdate TSan and Memcheck binaries to r3438.
2011-05-11 eugenis@google.comUpdate TSan and Memcheck binaries to r3423.
2011-05-08 khim@google.comUpdate GMP source.
2011-05-07 khim@google.comSmall cosmetic change - simplify retry logic
2011-04-28 eugenis@google.comUpdate ThreadSanitizer and Memcheck binaries to r3394.
2011-04-26 bradnelson... Applying this fix:
2011-04-22 eugenis@google.comAdd a README for Valgrind binaries.
2011-04-08 bradnelson... Turning on executable bit for exe.
2011-03-30 ncbray@google.comPatched the new version of SCons to work around a Mac...
2011-03-25 ncbray@google.comAdded an unmodified copy of SCons to third_party.
2011-01-11 ncbray@google.comAdded third_party python libraries that are needed...
2011-01-04 bradnelson... Dropping the parts of valgrind that live in the main...
2010-12-21 bradnelson... Fixing up path in valgrind tweaks that required change...
2010-12-20 bradnelson... Copying valgrind to the non-chrome third_party director...
2010-12-03 ncbray@google.comSCons: backported semi_deepcopy to eliminate an incompa...
2010-11-30 bradnelson... Patching nacl's scons copy with the fix from:
2010-11-22 abarth@chromium.orgObjective-C front-end for NaCl toolchain (Patch 1 of N)
2010-11-10 noelallen@google.comAdd version 2.0a7 of selenium, which fixes an issue...
2010-11-10 mseaborn@chromium.orgImport Selenium 1.0.3 to fix failure with Firefox on...
2010-08-24 bradnelson... Tweaking jar files to allow selenium to run with firefo...
2010-07-31[binutils] Bump binutils to 2.20.1
2010-07-12 espindola@google.comThe LLVM directory is now empty, remove it.
2010-07-12 espindola@google.comRemove old tar.bz2 files.
2010-05-31 pasko@google.comAdd GCC 4.5.0 tarballs and remove GCC 4.2.2 tarballs
2010-05-25 mseaborn@chromium.orgModular build script: Tidy: Remove use of cmd_env
2010-05-16 khim@google.comPOSIX permissions and Windows ACL permissions don't...
2010-05-07 mseaborn@chromium.orgAdd experimental partial replacement for tools/Makefile...
2010-04-30 khim@google.comNew version of NSIS installer.
2010-04-29 khim@google.comRemove COPYING.LIBGLOSS (we no longer built it so it...
2010-04-28\Add NSIS (used to package CygWin and SDK) in third_party.
2010-03-31 pasko@google.comEliminate unsupported GCC tarballs.
2010-03-10 khim@google.comAdd GCC testsuite to third party.
2010-02-19 khim@google.comNative Client switched to binutils 2.20 in the end...
2010-02-13 khim@google.comRemove GCC 4.4.1, add GCC 4.4.3
2010-02-12 khim@google.comRemove long-obsolte newlib 1.16 and add new 1.18
2010-02-02 robertm@google.comAddining bleeding edge selenium libs
2009-12-11 robertm@google.comAdding selenium to third_party for automated browser...
2009-12-08 robertm@google.comadd qemu tarball needed for arm sdk
2009-11-25 khim@google.comAdd licenses for GCC 4.4+
2009-11-25 khim@google.comGCC 4.4.2
2009-11-19 ilewis@google.comMoving this to the "correct" third_party directory...
2009-11-18 robertm@google.comInitial step to get the "arm toolchain tarball build...
2009-11-10 tuduce@google.comCheck in the tarballs needed by the 64-bit compiler...
2009-10-08 khim@google.comBinutils update
2009-07-22 khim@google.comSmall update: GCC 4.4.0 => GCC 4.4.1
2009-07-14 bradnelson... Branching into src in preparation for moving there.