2014-08-11 Lou QuillioUpdate PATENTS to reflect s/VP8/WebM/g 60/71160/1 master
2012-06-22 Lou QuillioReverse order of s09.08 and s09.07 45/25945/1
2012-06-22 Lou QuillioInsert 'Refresh Entropy Probabilities' as 9.07 89/25889/1
2012-02-16 Lou QuillioFix typo in 13.02, example code comment (derf) 44/16044/1
2012-02-09 Lou QuillioSync to published RFC 6386 text. 36/15636/1 rfc-6386
2011-10-03 Lou QuillioFix typo (hlundin) 35/15635/1
2011-10-03 Lou QuillioRFC candidate (pre-final) 34/15634/1
2011-09-22 Lou QuillioRFC-editor clarifications for draft-bankoski-vp8-bitstr... 33/15633/1
2011-08-11 Lou Quillio1. Fix mild ambiguity in 15.1 (see goo.gl/1Uxr1) draft-bankoski-vp8-bitstream-06
2011-07-27 Lou QuillioStrip trailing whitespace, reference decoder source... draft-bankoski-vp8-bitstream-05
2011-07-27 Lou QuillioErr, s/should/must/
2011-07-27 Lou QuillioClarify how decoders should treat loop_filter_level = 0
2011-07-27 Lou QuillioFix code.google.com/p/webm/issues/detail?id=342
2011-07-26 Lou QuillioAddressing IETF final comments.
2011-06-16 Lou QuillioMerge "Add files referenced in reference decoder source... draft-bankoski-vp8-bitstream-04
2011-06-16 Lou QuillioAdd files referenced in reference decoder source file... draft-bankoski-vp8-bitstream-03
2011-06-15 Suman SunkaraAdded missing bits to quant indices() in Frame header
2011-05-16 Lou QuillioMerge "Strike unclear comment, 12.3 https://groups...
2011-05-16 Lou QuillioStrike unclear comment, 12.3
2011-05-10 Yaowu Xua minor clarification related to the skip of dct_eob...
2011-04-26 Yaowu Xuadded text to clarify token decoding context for Y2...
2011-04-25 Yaowu Xuremoved confusing statement regarding lossless
2011-04-11 Lou QuillioClarify that first_part_size refers only to frame heade...
2011-04-01 Lou QuillioSync bitstream-guide license text with IP Grant text...
2011-03-28 Lou QuillioFix Issue 273. code.google.com/p/webm/issues/detail...
2011-03-28 Lou QuillioFix overlooked Issue 56
2011-03-28 Lou QuillioAdd reference decoder sourch as Attachment 1; ietf draft-bankoski-vp8-bitstream-01
2011-02-04 Lou QuillioClarify assumed values for right-edge non-visible pixel...
2011-01-28 Lou Quillioinit_bool_decoder() reads in two bytes!
2011-01-27 Lou QuillioUser-submitted correction (R. Pamula, 20110127)
2011-01-27 Lou QuillioFix type, s15.2; general cleanup of open files.
2011-01-27 Lou QuillioUser-submitted corrections (Jeon, 20110125)
2011-01-26 Lou QuillioNormalize pel | qpel confusion, etc. See goo.gl/5o9q3
2011-01-20 Lou QuillioEdits relating to a user bug report.
2010-12-21 Lou QuillioRemove outdated comment, 12.3 (Melanson)
2010-12-21 Lou QuillioManually wrap line-lengths in code blocks.
2010-12-08 Lou QuillioSplit copyright from license page
2010-12-01 Lou QuillioUser-reported corrections, Sections 15.2 and 15.3
2010-10-14 Lou QuillioAdd AUTHORS file.
2010-09-28 Lou QuillioUpdated README re kramdown
2010-09-28 Lou QuillioRefactor src text for kramdown transform
2010-09-28 Lou QuillioRename annex files (l.c.)
2010-09-21 Lou QuillioChange repo layout
2010-09-20 Lou QuillioAdded Annex A, tabular bitstream representation (Aki...
2010-07-22 Lou Quillio* Content additions from Juha (first group).
2010-06-24 Lou QuillioInitial import