2012-09-14 Rebecca LawlerRemove hover message fromn Config tree 41/33341/1 master
2012-09-14 Rebecca LawlerAdd links to Commit View from Explorer View 06/33206/3
2012-09-12 Rebecca LawlerRemove redundant Jquery UI code 20/33120/1
2012-09-12 John Koleszarcommitinfo: make accordion variable height 10/33110/1
2012-09-12 John KoleszarEnable warmup service 93/33093/2
2012-09-12 John KoleszarFix share link 92/33092/1
2012-09-12 John KoleszarTurn on remote_api 91/33091/1
2012-09-12 John KoleszarAdditional cache_result() calls 90/33090/1
2012-09-12 Rebecca LawlerRemove footer until it has actual content 87/33087/1
2012-09-12 Rebecca LawlerCommit Viewer: avoid duplicating footer 86/33086/1
2012-09-12 Rebecca LawlerCorrect help message (commit_viewer) 85/33085/1
2012-09-12 Rebecca LawlerHome.html: first attempt at real content 28/32928/2
2012-09-12 John KoleszarMerge "commit_view*: Fix some tag imbalance; xhtml...
2012-09-12 John KoleszarMerge "Start using Django template includes: add exampl...
2012-09-12 John KoleszarMerge "Commit View: multiple commits, search dialog"
2012-09-12 John KoleszarMerge "upload-data: (really) default to https for appspot"
2012-09-12 John KoleszarMerge "upload-data: another take on ProxyInfo"
2012-09-12 John KoleszarMerge "cache: refresh in constructor"
2012-09-12 John KoleszarMerge "sample_data: split encoder data to <1MB files"
2012-09-12 Lou Quilliocommit_view*: Fix some tag imbalance; xhtml cruft;... 41/32841/2
2012-09-11 Lou QuillioStart using Django template includes: add example footer. 24/32824/2
2012-09-11 Rebecca LawlerMerge "Update dialogs to be more bootstrap-friendly"
2012-09-11 John Koleszarupload-data: (really) default to https for appspot 76/32976/1
2012-09-11 John Koleszarupload-data: another take on ProxyInfo 58/32958/2
2012-09-11 John Koleszarcache: refresh in constructor 57/32957/1
2012-09-11 John Koleszarsample_data: split encoder data to <1MB files 56/32956/1
2012-09-11 John KoleszarMerge "upload-data: force HTTPS to appspot.com"
2012-09-11 Rebecca LawlerCommit View: multiple commits, search dialog 27/32927/2
2012-09-10 Rebecca LawlerUpdate dialogs to be more bootstrap-friendly 26/32926/1
2012-09-10 John Koleszarupload-data: force HTTPS to appspot.com 34/32934/1
2012-09-10 John KoleszarMerge "upload-data: fix proxy support for oauth1"
2012-09-10 Rebecca LawlerMerge "Create distinction between home/explorer view"
2012-09-10 John Koleszarupload-data: fix proxy support for oauth1 18/32818/1
2012-09-10 Rebecca LawlerCleaned up paths to js and css files. 71/32771/2
2012-09-10 Rebecca LawlerMerge "Added loading message while trees load"
2012-09-10 Rebecca LawlerMerge "Created chartutils.js with chart drawing functions"
2012-09-10 John KoleszarMerge changes I98e133e6,Ic3cdfdfb,I318a7887
2012-09-10 John KoleszarCreate distinction between home/explorer view 36/32636/3
2012-09-10 John Koleszarupload-data: revert to oauth1 01/32801/1
2012-09-10 John KoleszarImport python-oauth2 00/32800/1
2012-09-10 Rebecca LawlerAdded loading message while trees load 07/32607/2
2012-09-10 Rebecca LawlerCreated chartutils.js with chart drawing functions 59/32559/3
2012-09-10 John KoleszarLog raw data uploaded 84/32684/1
2012-09-07 John KoleszarMerge "Apply bootstrap framework. getbootstrap.com/"
2012-09-07 Lou QuillioApply bootstrap framework. getbootstrap.com/ 26/32626/2
2012-09-07 John Koleszarupload-data: initial http proxy support 25/32625/1
2012-09-07 John Koleszarrun-compressions: shell out to upload-data 01/32601/2
2012-09-07 John Koleszarupload-data: support reading from stdin 00/32600/2
2012-09-07 John KoleszarAdd OAuth2 authn to data upload 84/32584/2
2012-09-07 John Koleszarcache: don't assert when items not in _missing 83/32583/1
2012-09-07 John Koleszarcache: limit prefetching to 100 items 55/32455/2
2012-09-06 John Koleszarcommit-viewer: query metrics from datastore 21/32421/1
2012-09-06 John KoleszarRework global caches 97/32297/2
2012-09-06 John KoleszarEager fetching of cached data values 96/32296/2
2012-09-06 John KoleszarAverageImprovementHandler: remove commit data lookups 79/32179/3
2012-09-06 Rebecca LawlerCommit Viewer: simplify runs to 5 kinds of arrows 00/32400/5
2012-09-04 Rebecca LawlerCommit Viewer: simple ui to change threshold 85/32185/1
2012-09-04 Rebecca LawlerCommit-viewer: Allow for custom thresholds 65/32165/1
2012-09-04 Rebecca LawlerCommit Viewer: add underlines, icons to run lines 47/32147/2
2012-09-04 John KoleszarMerge "commit-info: add accordion view of history"
2012-09-04 John KoleszarMerge "analysis: fix distortion over time view"
2012-08-31 John Koleszarcommit-info: add accordion view of history 84/31984/3
2012-08-31 John Koleszaranalysis: fix distortion over time view 50/31950/2
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "drilldown: move 'other commits' to correct branches"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "run-compressions: support for building remotely"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Added point differences to the Commit Viewer"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Commit Viewer: added useful links in header"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Added basic styling to Commit Viewer"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Added config and baseline info in commit viewer"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Created a utils.js file for common js functions"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Added visible differences on hover for RD curves"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Added sharable custom links for viewing data"
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "Added Commit Viewer (first draft)"
2012-08-30 John Koleszardrilldown: move 'other commits' to correct branches 26/31826/1
2012-08-30 John Koleszarrun-compressions: support for building remotely 25/31825/1
2012-08-29 John KoleszarAdd branch data to sample commits 64/31764/1
2012-08-29 John KoleszarInitial version of run-compressions script 49/31649/8
2012-08-29 Rebecca LawlerAdded point differences to the Commit Viewer 50/31750/1
2012-08-29 Rebecca LawlerCommit Viewer: added useful links in header 49/31749/1
2012-08-29 Rebecca LawlerAdded basic styling to Commit Viewer 48/31748/1
2012-08-29 Rebecca LawlerAdded config and baseline info in commit viewer 47/31747/1
2012-08-28 Rebecca LawlerCreated a utils.js file for common js functions 50/31650/1
2012-08-28 John KoleszarBetter tolerate missing data 41/31641/1
2012-08-28 Rebecca LawlerAdded visible differences on hover for RD curves 29/31629/1
2012-08-28 Rebecca LawlerAdded sharable custom links for viewing data 47/31547/2
2012-08-27 Rebecca LawlerAdded Commit Viewer (first draft) 05/31505/1
2012-08-24 Rebecca LawlerOpen Gerrit links in a new tab 42/31342/2
2012-08-24 Rebecca LawlerClicking on 'WebM' header now resets page 40/31340/2
2012-08-24 Rebecca LawlerAdded dialog boxes with config info 99/31299/3
2012-08-23 John KoleszarDon't delete #githistory 55/31255/1
2012-08-23 John KoleszarAllow graphing multiple time series 48/31248/1
2012-08-23 John KoleszarJS Date() uses 0-based month 46/31246/1
2012-08-23 John KoleszarUse smaller batch size for map reduce 45/31245/1
2012-08-23 John Koleszaranalysis.py: add django 1.2 header 44/31244/1
2012-08-23 John KoleszarImportFileSetHandler: reset files cache on upload 35/31235/1
2012-08-23 John KoleszarAdd webapp_django_version default 26/31226/1
2012-08-23 Rebecca LawlerRemove errors caused when pushing app to live site 19/31219/1
2012-08-22 Rebecca LawlerAdded dialog boxes with relevant commit info 34/31034/2
2012-08-21 Rebecca LawlerTime series charts now have correct x axis values 31/31031/1
2012-08-21 Rebecca LawlerMerge "Remove unnecessary white space from chart area"