2012-11-09 John KoleszarMerge "use calloc() instead of malloc()" master origin
2012-11-08 Ahmad Sharifads2gas.pl: convert push/pop and whole keywords.
2012-11-07 Scott LaVarnwayIncorrect parameter passed into vp8_stuff_mb
2012-11-07 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Removed mb_norm_activity_map"
2012-11-07 Pascal Massiminouse calloc() instead of malloc()
2012-11-06 Scott LaVarnwayRemoved mb_norm_activity_map
2012-11-06 Scott LaVarnwayMoving _error counts to macroblock struct
2012-11-06 Scott LaVarnwayMoving MVcount to macroblock struct
2012-11-05 Scott LaVarnwayMoving ymode_count, uv_mode_count to macroblock struct
2012-11-05 Scott LaVarnwayMoved skip_true_count to macroblock struct
2012-11-05 Scott LaVarnwayMoving coef_counts to macroblock struct
2012-11-05 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Removed unnecessary VP8_COMP *cpi parameters"
2012-11-02 Scott LaVarnwayRemoved unnecessary VP8_COMP *cpi parameters
2012-11-02 JohannMerge "ads2gas.pl: various enhancements to work with...
2012-11-02 John KoleszarMerge "vpx_scale: sync from experimental"
2012-11-02 John Koleszarvpx_scale: sync from experimental
2012-11-02 Ahmad Sharifads2gas.pl: various enhancements to work with flash.
2012-10-31 Scott LaVarnwayvp8dx_receive_compressed_data() cleanup
2012-10-30 Jim Bankoskiadd unit test for datarate control
2012-10-27 Jim BankoskiMinor tweaks to video source frameworks
2012-10-26 James Zernvpxenc: add -quiet option
2012-10-26 JohannUse vp8_clear_system_state helper function
2012-10-25 Johannvariance.h uses defines in vpx_config.h
2012-10-23 John Koleszarpostproc_sse2: avoid reading off the end of the limits...
2012-10-22 John KoleszarMerge "postproc: allocate enough memory for limits...
2012-10-22 John Koleszarpostproc: allocate enough memory for limits buffer
2012-10-22 Yunqing WangMerge "Add unit test for decoder test_vector_test"
2012-10-22 Yunqing WangAdd unit test for decoder test_vector_test
2012-10-16 Marco PaniconiFix to rd cost computation for mv bias.
2012-10-11 John KoleszarMerge "Add option to disable documentation"
2012-10-11 Yunqing WangClean up error return code in alloccommon.c
2012-10-11 Yunqing Wangpost-proc: fix 0 or negative threshold handling
2012-10-10 JohannAdd option to disable documentation
2012-10-09 John Koleszarmulti-res: disable intra on forced ref frames
2012-10-09 John KoleszarMerge "multi-res: add parent_ref_valid flag"
2012-10-09 John Koleszarmulti-res: add parent_ref_valid flag
2012-10-09 Yunqing WangMerge "post-proc: deblock filter optimization"
2012-10-08 John KoleszarMerge "multi-res: work around reference mismatch"
2012-10-08 Yunqing Wangpost-proc: deblock filter optimization
2012-10-08 John Koleszarmulti-res: work around reference mismatch
2012-10-05 Adrian GrangeMerge "Unit Test for Error Resilience Mode"
2012-10-04 Ronald S. BultjeAdd a unit test for CQ mode.
2012-10-04 Adrian GrangeMerge "Added handler for PSNR packets to EncoderTest...
2012-10-04 Adrian GrangeMerge "Add initialization and per frame flag members"
2012-10-03 Adrian GrangeUnit Test for Error Resilience Mode
2012-10-03 John Koleszarfix uninitialized value in multi-res encoding
2012-10-03 Adrian GrangeAdded handler for PSNR packets to EncoderTest class
2012-10-03 Adrian GrangeAdd initialization and per frame flag members
2012-10-03 Adrian GrangeMerge "Added Reset method to TwopassStatsStore"
2012-10-03 John KoleszarMerge "rtcd/win32: use InitializeCriticalSection explic...
2012-10-03 Adrian GrangeAdded Reset method to TwopassStatsStore
2012-10-03 John Koleszarrtcd/win32: use InitializeCriticalSection explicitly
2012-10-03 John KoleszarMerge "Added unit test for subtract functions"
2012-10-01 Jim BankoskiDisable keyframe in real time that's placed one frame...
2012-09-27 Marco PaniconiResetting of the cyclic_refresh_mode_index:
2012-09-26 Marco PaniconiReset the cyclic_refresh_mode_index to 0 on resize.
2012-09-26 Scott LaVarnwayAdded unit test for subtract functions
2012-09-25 John KoleszarMerge "check for x32 targets"
2012-09-25 John KoleszarMerge "update gitignores"
2012-09-25 Mike Frysingerupdate gitignores
2012-09-25 Jim BankoskiMerge "disable segmentation on enhancement layers"
2012-09-25 Mike Frysingercheck for x32 targets
2012-09-24 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Move frame allocations out of vp8_decode_frame()"
2012-09-24 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Removed bc and bc2 vp8_readers from VP8D_COMP"
2012-09-24 Scott LaVarnwayMove frame allocations out of vp8_decode_frame()
2012-09-24 John Koleszarrtcd/win32: prefer win32 primatives to pthreads
2012-09-24 Jim Bankoskidisable segmentation on enhancement layers
2012-09-24 Marco PaniconiUpdate to cyclic refresh:
2012-09-22 Marco PaniconiUpdate to cyclic refresh.
2012-09-21 Scott LaVarnwayRemoved bc and bc2 vp8_readers from VP8D_COMP
2012-09-19 Scott LaVarnwayMoved vp8dx_get_raw_frame() call to vp8_get_frame()
2012-09-17 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Changed setup intra recon to be row based"
2012-09-17 Adrian GrangeMerge "Update to 2 layer case in vp8_scalable_patterns."
2012-09-17 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Moved mb_no_coeff_skip flag read"
2012-09-17 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Removed pre_mvc"
2012-09-17 Marco PaniconiUpdate to 2 layer case in vp8_scalable_patterns.
2012-09-14 Marco PaniconiUpdate to vp8_scalable_patters.
2012-09-14 Adrian GrangeMerge "Updates to vp8_scalable_patterns.c."
2012-09-13 Scott LaVarnwayMoved mb_no_coeff_skip flag read
2012-09-13 Scott LaVarnwayRemoved pre_mvc
2012-09-13 Scott LaVarnwayChanged setup intra recon to be row based
2012-09-12 Jim BankoskiMerge "valgrind found motion vectors which exceeded...
2012-09-11 Jim Bankoskifix valgrind mem leak on garbage decode
2012-09-11 Marco PaniconiUpdates to vp8_scalable_patterns.c.
2012-09-11 Scott LaVarnwayvalgrind found motion vectors which exceeded frame...
2012-09-07 Jim Bankoskivalgrind caught uninitialized cond
2012-09-06 Yaowu XuMerge "added encode/decode matching validation to tests"
2012-09-04 Deb MukherjeeAdjusting thresholds in mfqe post-processing
2012-08-31 Yunqing WangMerge "Encoder denoiser performance improvement"
2012-08-31 Yunqing WangEncoder denoiser performance improvement
2012-08-31 Yaowu Xuadded encode/decode matching validation to tests
2012-08-31 John KoleszarMerge "msvs/tests: fix data alignment for asm tests"
2012-08-31 James Zernmsvs/tests: fix data alignment for asm tests
2012-08-28 Yaowu XuMerge "silent one more compiler warning"
2012-08-28 Yaowu Xusilent one more compiler warning
2012-08-23 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Added error checking to vp8cx_create_encoder_thr...
2012-08-23 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Added row based extend borders"
2012-08-21 Jim BankoskiMerge "Add biasing to ZEROMV for videos with static...
2012-08-21 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Removed unused dr from VP8D_COMP"
2012-08-21 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Removed last_kf_gf_q"