2011-08-04 John KoleszarMerge "Update CHANGELOG for Cayuga release" into cayuga v0.9.7
2011-08-03 John KoleszarMerge changes Ic7725e27,Ib3d54bfa into cayuga
2011-08-03 John KoleszarMerge changes I585167e1,Ia07602bd into cayuga
2011-08-03 John KoleszarFix source buffer selection
2011-08-03 John KoleszarFix building of static libs on universal-darwin
2011-08-03 John KoleszarFix asm offsets generation for universal-darwin builds
2011-08-02 Johannupdate extend frame borders
2011-08-02 John KoleszarUpdate CHANGELOG for Cayuga release
2011-08-02 James Berryinclude asm_com/dec_offsets for make dist
2011-08-02 John KoleszarUpdate AUTHORS
2011-08-02 John KoleszarUpdate .mailmap entry for Ralph Giles
2011-08-02 Lou QuillioSync `vpxenc --timebase` usage wording with docs change.
2011-08-02 John KoleszarMerge "include the arm header files in make dist" into...
2011-08-02 John KoleszarMerge "Fix building with --disable-postproc" into cayuga
2011-08-01 John KoleszarFix building with --disable-postproc
2011-08-01 Johanninclude the arm header files in make dist
2011-08-01 John KoleszarMerge "build error fix - obj_int_extract.bat" into...
2011-08-01 James Berrybuild error fix - obj_int_extract.bat
2011-08-01 John KoleszarDisable FORTIFY_SOURCE on glibc targets
2011-07-29 John Koleszarinstall asm_offsets.h
2011-07-29 John KoleszarMerge "Convert rc_max_intra_bitrate_pct to control"
2011-07-29 John KoleszarCorrectly track sharpness in vp8cx_pick_filter_level_fast
2011-07-28 John KoleszarMerge "configure: add --enable-static option"
2011-07-28 John KoleszarConvert rc_max_intra_bitrate_pct to control
2011-07-27 Yunqing WangPreload reference area in sub-pixel motion search ...
2011-07-27 Yunqing WangMerge "Fix range checks in motion search"
2011-07-27 Yunqing WangFix range checks in motion search
2011-07-27 James Zernvpxenc: cosmetics: timebase help update / spelling
2011-07-26 John KoleszarMerge "cosmetics: consistently use [u]int64_t"
2011-07-26 James Zerncosmetics: consistently use [u]int64_t
2011-07-26 JohannMerge ""Eliminated TOKENEXTRABITS" broke the windows...
2011-07-26 Scott LaVarnway"Eliminated TOKENEXTRABITS" broke the windows build.
2011-07-25 James Zernconfigure: add --enable-static option
2011-07-25 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Eliminated TOKENEXTRABITS"
2011-07-25 Scott LaVarnwayEliminated TOKENEXTRABITS
2011-07-25 Yunqing WangMerge "Use CONFIG_FAST_UNALIGNED consistently in codec"
2011-07-25 Yunqing WangSpecify size for argument pushed to stack
2011-07-25 Yunqing WangUse CONFIG_FAST_UNALIGNED consistently in codec
2011-07-22 JohannMerge "fix sharpness bug and clean up"
2011-07-22 Johannfix sharpness bug and clean up
2011-07-22 Yunqing WangMerge "Preload reference area to an intermediate buffer...
2011-07-22 Yunqing WangPreload reference area to an intermediate buffer in...
2011-07-21 JohannMerge "Add .size directive to ARM asm functions."
2011-07-21 JohannMerge "Mark ARM asm objects as allowing a non-executabl...
2011-07-21 Timothy B.... Add .size directive to ARM asm functions.
2011-07-21 Timothy B.... Mark ARM asm objects as allowing a non-executable stack.
2011-07-21 John KoleszarMerge "Increase chrow row alignment to 16 bytes."
2011-07-21 Yunqing WangMerge "Add improvements made in good-quality mode to...
2011-07-20 Timothy B.... Increase chrow row alignment to 16 bytes.
2011-07-20 Attila Nagyencoder: don't set the fragment bit for the last partition
2011-07-19 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Moved vp8_encode_bool into boolhuff.h"
2011-07-19 John KoleszarRevert "Disable __longjmp_chk protection"
2011-07-19 Johannremove old armv5 code
2011-07-19 Scott LaVarnwayMoved vp8_encode_bool into boolhuff.h
2011-07-18 John KoleszarImproved 1-pass CBR rate control
2011-07-18 John KoleszarMerge "Disable __longjmp_chk protection"
2011-07-18 John KoleszarMerge "Fixed rate histogram calculation"
2011-07-18 Tero RintaluomaFixed rate histogram calculation
2011-07-15 Scott LaVarnwayMerge "Tokenize MB optimized"
2011-07-15 Yunqing WangMerge "Fix vpxenc encoding incorrect webm file header...
2011-07-15 Tero RintaluomaTokenize MB optimized
2011-07-14 James Berrybug fix vpx_copy_and_extend_frame size issue
2011-07-14 John KoleszarRemove unused speed features
2011-07-13 Fritz KoenigMerge "Better allocate yuv buffers."
2011-07-13 Yunqing WangMerge "Fix unnecessary casting of B_PREDICTION_MODE...
2011-07-13 John KoleszarDisable __longjmp_chk protection
2011-07-13 Yunqing WangFix unnecessary casting of B_PREDICTION_MODE (issue...
2011-07-13 Yunqing WangAdd improvements made in good-quality mode to real...
2011-07-13 Fritz KoenigBetter allocate yuv buffers.
2011-07-13 Fritz KoenigMerge "Reduce motion vector search on alt-ref frame."
2011-07-13 John KoleszarMerge "Remove rotting NDS_NITRO code."
2011-07-13 JohannMerge "update x86 asm for loopfilter"
2011-07-13 JohannMerge "Update armv6 loopfilter to new interface"
2011-07-13 JohannMerge "Update armv7 loopfilter to new interface"
2011-07-13 JohannMerge "New loop filter interface"
2011-07-12 Fritz KoenigRemove rotting NDS_NITRO code.
2011-07-12 Yunqing WangFix vpxenc encoding incorrect webm file header on big...
2011-07-12 Attila NagyUpdate armv6 loopfilter to new interface
2011-07-12 Attila NagyUpdate armv7 loopfilter to new interface
2011-07-11 Fritz KoenigReduce motion vector search on alt-ref frame.
2011-07-08 Yunqing WangMinor change in pick_inter_mode()
2011-07-08 Yunqing WangMerge "Adjust full-pixel clamping and motion vector...
2011-07-08 Yunqing WangAdjust full-pixel clamping and motion vector limit...
2011-07-08 Johannupdate x86 asm for loopfilter
2011-07-08 JohannMerge "clean up warnings when building arm with rtcd"
2011-07-08 Attila NagyNew loop filter interface
2011-07-07 John KoleszarMerge "Set VPX_FRAME_IS_DROPPABLE"
2011-07-07 John KoleszarSet VPX_FRAME_IS_DROPPABLE
2011-07-01 John KoleszarMerge "Properly use GET_GOT/RESTORE_GOT when using...
2011-06-30 Ronald S. BultjeProperly use GET_GOT/RESTORE_GOT when using GLOBAL().
2011-06-30 Yunqing WangMerge "Copy macroblock data to a buffer before encoding it"
2011-06-30 Yunqing WangMerge "Bug fix in motion vector limit calculation"
2011-06-30 Yunqing WangBug fix in motion vector limit calculation
2011-06-30 JohannMerge "remove incorrect initialization"
2011-06-29 John KoleszarMerge "guard against space/time distortion"
2011-06-29 Johannguard against space/time distortion
2011-06-29 Paul WilkinsMerge "Change to arf boost calculation."
2011-06-29 Paul WilkinsChange to arf boost calculation.
2011-06-29 Johannremove incorrect initialization
2011-06-29 Johannclean up warnings when building arm with rtcd