7 days ago James Zerntest_lossless: discard dwebp output 71/69571/2 master
7 days ago James Zerntest_dwebp.sh: exit w/an error if an md5sum fails 70/69570/1
7 days ago James Zerntest_*.sh: liberalize --exec= param parsing 69/69569/1
12 days ago James Zerntest_lossless.sh: use 'set -e' to exit early 94/69494/1
2014-04-01 James Zerntest_lossless: allow script to be run outside src dir 15/69415/1
2014-01-24 James Zerntest_(dwebp|lossless).sh: dequote ${executable} 29/68529/1
2013-10-14 James Zerntest_dwebp.sh: add a --mt option 02/67502/2
2013-10-09 skaladd a test bitstream with extreme probabilities 57/67457/2
2013-10-09 James Zernadd test-nostrong.webp 56/67456/1
2013-09-06 James Zerntest_dwebp: get rid of bashisms 23/67123/1
2013-09-03 skalupdate md5 sums 92/67092/2
2013-05-24 skalfix a typo: alterning -> alternating 47/56647/1
2013-05-24 skalremove unneeded files 04/56604/1
2013-05-24 skaladd exhaustive test vectors for lossless coding 96/56596/1
2013-04-12 Pascal Massiminoadds new test vectors for lossy+alpha and lossless 05/47205/2
2011-08-18 Pascal Massiminoadd '-noasm' decoding tests
2011-06-21 Pascal Massiminoadd a new 'bryce.webp' big picture sample
2011-03-09 Pascal Massiminoupdate the signature after the https://review.webmproje...
2011-03-02 Pascal Massiminoadd test vectors for segmentation features
2011-02-16 Pascal Massiminouse new flags of dwebp: -pgm and -ppm
2011-01-17 Pascal Massiminoupdate MD5 file
2011-01-17 Pascal Massiminoadd a test case for fix in Ic6b68271
2010-12-17 Pascal Massiminoupdate signature and shell script with new option -raw
2010-11-26 Pascal Massiminoadd tests for small 1x? or ?x1 dimensions
2010-11-03 Pascal Massiminoupdate MD5 tests
2010-10-31 Pascal Massiminoadd test vector for the case of small dimensions
2010-10-31 Pascal Massiminoupdate md5 sums after last fix
2010-10-15 Pascal MassiminoInitial commit