2012-09-14 Aaron ColwellAllow demo to work with prefixed & unprefixed MediaSour... 55/33155/2 master
2012-08-30 Anna Cavenderupdate to object-oriented MediaSource API 85/30285/4
2012-08-07 Xiaohan WangLoad clusters right after the header is parsed. 40/29340/2
2012-07-09 Frank GalliganAdd support for keymessage event. 35/26735/2
2012-06-29 Frank GalliganSet the Media Source codec string based on the stream... 95/26495/2
2012-05-24 Aaron ColwellAdd code to resolve relative URLs in the manifest. 64/23464/2
2012-05-23 Frank GalliganAdd support for Media Source v0.5. 58/23358/1
2012-05-22 Frank GalliganAdd AUTHORS, LICENSE, and PATENTS files. 15/23215/2
2012-05-10 Frank GalliganRemove presentation specific data from sample code. 73/22373/3
2012-05-10 Frank GalliganSet XHR response MimeType to 'text/xml'. 71/22371/2
2012-05-10 Frank GalliganChange sample request license to GET from POST. 70/22370/2
2012-05-02 Frank GalliganMerge "Add Media Element error reporting."
2012-05-02 David DorwinUse an XHR to obtain the key for the initData (key... 19/21619/1
2012-05-02 David DorwinAdd Media Element error reporting. 84/21584/1
2012-05-01 Frank GalliganChange a double-quoted string to single-qouted. 37/21537/1
2012-05-01 Xiaohan WangAdd needkey/keyadded handler to support encrypted media. 26/21526/2
2012-04-26 Frank GalliganChange Initialisation name. 08/21208/1
2012-04-04 Frank GalliganChanged DASH parser to look for 'mimeType'. 94/19394/2
2012-03-16 Frank GalliganChange y-axis text to average bandwidth. 69/18369/1
2012-03-16 Frank GalliganSet default values of text boxes to public demo. 68/18368/1
2012-03-13 Frank GalliganInitial commit of the WebM Dash JavaScript demo player. 30/17230/3