2012-05-24 Tom FineganRemove unused installer files. 59/23559/1 master
2012-03-19 Tom FineganAdd update script. 62/18462/2
2012-03-16 Tom FineganAdd some real information to the installer README. 65/18365/3
2012-03-16 Tom FineganInstaller fixes. 64/18364/1
2012-03-06 Tom FineganAdd check for presence of XiphQT in exporter. 80/17380/4
2012-03-01 Tom Finegangenerate_omaha_config.sh: add date to Config name. 72/17172/1
2012-03-01 Tom Fineganread_bundle_plist.sh: support inclusion via source 46/17146/2
2012-03-01 Tom Finegangenerate_omaha_config.sh: correct DMG file name. 22/17122/1
2012-03-01 Tom Fineganbuild_dmg.sh: include version in DMG file name. 21/17121/1
2012-02-29 Tom Fineganread_bundle_plist.sh: allow read from plist files. 53/17053/2
2012-02-28 Tom FineganAdd keystone 7 Day Active (7DA) support. 86/16786/8
2012-02-25 Tom FineganAdd bundle_info.h. 85/16785/1
2012-02-23 Tom Fineganbuild_installers: use util.sh and clean up a bit. 83/16483/4
2012-02-23 Tom FineganAdd Omaha config generation script. 54/16454/4
2012-02-23 Tom FineganAdd update dmgs to dmg build script. 95/16195/8
2012-02-23 Tom FineganAdd script to read version/ID from bundle plist. 70/16370/6
2012-02-23 Tom FineganAdd utility script/stop duping tiny bash funcs. 34/16434/5
2012-02-17 Tom FineganAdd update installers to installer build script. 94/16194/1
2012-02-17 Tom FineganAdd update installers. 93/16193/1
2012-02-17 Tom FineganAdd temporary readme contents. 92/16192/1
2012-02-17 Tom FineganIgnore installer build output. 91/16191/1
2012-02-17 Tom FineganFix nits on the advanced VP8 export dialog. 40/16140/2
2012-02-17 Tom FineganDefine kWebmExportBundleID in only one place. 33/16133/2
2012-02-17 Tom FineganFix executable name in Info.plist. 32/16132/1
2012-02-13 Tom FineganAdd DMG build script. 82/15782/2
2012-02-13 Tom Fineganthird_party/yoursway-create-dmg: add create-dmg. 81/15781/1
2012-02-13 Tom FineganAdd uninstaller. 32/15632/16
2012-02-11 Tom FineganRewrite installer, add XiphQT and updater. 32/15532/11
2012-02-09 Tom Fineganthird_party/google: Add updater package. 17/15617/1
2012-02-09 Tom FineganAdd .DS_Store files to gitignore. 16/15616/1
2012-02-08 Tom FineganChange bundle name to AWebM.component. 31/15531/2
2012-02-08 Tom FineganChange bundle identifier and update version. 30/15530/2
2012-02-06 tomfineganthird_party/xiphqt: add v0.1.9 XiphQT component. 47/15347/1
2011-10-25 Tom FineganMerge "Re-write parts of the importer component."
2011-10-25 Arek KorbikRe-write parts of the importer component. 69/10169/5
2011-10-19 Tom FineganMerge "Update git URLs and submodule revisions."
2011-10-17 Arek KorbikUpdate git URLs and submodule revisions. 16/9716/2
2011-10-11 Arek KorbikAdd lacing support. 19/8919/2
2011-09-16 Arek KorbikFix the code calculating sample durations. 11/7711/6
2011-09-15 Arek KorbikMake importer use duration placeholder tracks. 10/7710/4
2011-09-15 Arek KorbikImprove progressive import playback performance. 09/7709/2
2011-08-30 Arek KorbikUpdate logging code. 08/7708/1
2011-08-30 Arek KorbikRemove dead code and normalize white space. 07/7707/1
2011-08-29 Arek KorbikFix off-by-one bug in the importer's reader. 06/7706/1
2011-08-19 Arek KorbikRe-organize build system. 05/7705/1
2011-05-04 Ryan ThompsonRemoved preview image
2011-04-15 Ryan ThompsonUpdated Installer
2011-02-09 Jeff Koppicomments
2011-02-09 Jeff Koppicode cleanup, add comments
2011-01-27 Jeff KoppiMerge "increase buffer size. Fix numSamples logic."
2011-01-27 Jeff KoppiMerge "tweak buffer algorithm"
2011-01-27 Jeff KoppiMerge "Async read loads buffer, sync read consumes."
2011-01-27 Jeff KoppiMerge "MkvBufferedReaderQT class"
2011-01-26 Jeff Koppiincrease buffer size. Fix numSamples logic.
2011-01-25 Jeff Koppiadd consts to satisfy latest libwebm
2010-12-22 Jeff Koppitweak buffer algorithm
2010-12-21 Ryan ThompsonFixed metadata framerate writing problem
2010-12-20 Ryan ThompsonFixed typo in WebMMux, Fixed typo in installer
2010-12-17 Ryan ThompsonFixed installer formatting
2010-12-17 Ryan ThompsonGet Frame Rate from Component Instance
2010-12-17 Jeff KoppiAsync read loads buffer, sync read consumes.
2010-12-15 Ryan ThompsonAdded Installer
2010-12-15 Ryan ThompsonFixed an encoder endless loop condition
2010-12-14 Jeff KoppiMkvBufferedReaderQT class
2010-12-03 Jeff Koppifix regression issue 241, dont dispatch GetMaxLoaded
2010-11-22 Ryan ThompsonAdded Altref redraw
2010-11-12 Jeff KoppiFix thng resource fields.
2010-11-10 Jeff Koppifix getMimeType. add validate() and validateDataRef()
2010-11-10 Jeff Koppiadd WebMImport.cpp to target again. Fix merge problem.
2010-11-10 Ryan ThompsonRemoved trailing whitespace. Changed Cluster reference...
2010-11-05 Ryan ThompsonMerge branch 'master' of ssh://review.webmproject.org...
2010-11-05 Ryan ThompsonMerge branch 'altref'
2010-11-05 Ryan ThompsonRemoved bad debug messages.
2010-11-05 Ryan ThompsonFixed altref to work
2010-11-04 Jeff KoppiUse new libwebm Block::GetFrameCount().
2010-11-02 Ryan ThompsonChanged some debug messages
2010-11-02 Ryan ThompsonAdded Alt ref write
2010-11-02 Jeff KoppiFix audio insert fail. Use audioMaxLoaded for insertio...
2010-11-02 Ryan ThompsonAdded Invisible parameter
2010-10-29 Jeff KoppiMerge branch 'idleimport'
2010-10-29 Jeff KoppiIdling Importer flag on.
2010-10-29 Ryan ThompsonFixed 2 pass
2010-10-28 Ryan ThompsonFixed bug with dropped frame detection
2010-10-28 Jeff KoppiMerge branch 'idleimport'
2010-10-28 Jeff KoppiAllocate MkvReaderQT on heap to fix crash when idling.
2010-10-28 Ryan ThompsonModified frame queue, added frame drop function
2010-10-27 Jeff Koppiwhitespace
2010-10-27 Jeff Koppifix trailing whitespace formatting issues.
2010-10-27 Jeff KoppiPass videoMaxLoaded to InsertMediaIntoTrack() instead...
2010-10-26 Ryan ThompsonFixed bug with multiple clusters coming from a single...
2010-10-26 Ryan ThompsonFixed termination of video stream.
2010-10-26 Ryan ThompsonSeparated termination condition into its own function
2010-10-26 Ryan ThompsonFixed tabs and changed flags to UInt16
2010-10-26 Ryan ThompsonFixed keyframe bug
2010-10-25 Ryan ThompsonRemoved commented out WebMElement code
2010-10-22 Ryan ThompsonMade fix so that correct time stamps are used
2010-10-22 Jeff Koppidefer adding last block of each cluster
2010-10-22 Ryan ThompsonFixed bugs with time and initializations
2010-10-22 Ryan ThompsonUpdated structures
2010-10-22 Ryan Thompsonremoved unused frameIndx